Big data is the catch phrase inspiring corporate management right now. I agree that it is the direction many companies should choose to take. However, the reality is that challenges are not in systems and technology. Most important challenges can be found from our own ways of working and thinking. In this presentation I explain what is corporate autism about and how to cure it. Please comment and give us your feedback if you find this approach eye-opening.

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If you find the idea about Corporate Autism interesting – take a look at “Lost insights and corporate blind spots” article.
And yes, I do think CMO should endorse, initiate and lead this kind of project. Managing brand, customer experience and customer journey require CMO to have access to rapid and relevant information in order to make decision on priorities for investment allocation and goals for those investments.
When you are really trying to find out practical advice, how to improve customer experience, find out where to invest and why, start from the bottom and work your way up. Top-down strategy work is often very difficult to apply in to processes and real daily work. Bottom-up work deliver rich and practical improvement advice ready for roll-out.

12 thoughts on “How to create an intelligent company and cure Corporate Autism?

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