This service is about sharing best practices and experiences about Customer Journey Management

My Name is Toni Keskinen and I have been concentrating and developing methods for Customer Journey mapping, researching, designing and development since 2004. Along this journey, I’ve published books and theories including four best practice articles in ADMAP & WARC.

Currently I am operating as a super temp, catalyst for customer centric management change, designer and management consultant for client work and collaborating with multiple advertising, marketing, technology and data analytics companies. My role is to ignite insights, accelerate development and facilitate transformations for customer centric management and data driven culture.

Majority of my client cases are done in collaboration with the board of directors, but the CMO has a special place in my consideration and thoughts and I do consider CMO as an accelerator for customer centric corporate management change.

Why Chief Marketing Officer – CMO?

The CMO’s role is in enormous pressure to change. Consequently every marketing related partner is under that same pressure. It doesn’t end there: CMO must change, management must change and change must be managed corporate and market wide.

CMO’s are specialists in understanding customer needs, preferences and they have their senses tuned to customer’s frequency. Simultaneously they are operating within the board and get internal business information. They also manage liquid capital and prioritize its use. They should know whether this capital provide best return on investment if it’s used to service development or promotion. We expect to see development in which CMO’s lead the change or they are required to do so. CMO has to do more than just plan advertising campaigns. The origin of marketing definition was about 4P’s: Price, Place, Product and Promotion. Lately CMO’s responsibilities have been only concentrating on the promotion part. Now, the CMO’s role is coming back to its roots, which is at the core of corporate strategy and operations.

My core thinking is to enhance the role of CMO, who will become a network in which CMO’s, CEO’s, managers and experts can contribute, share and learn together. We need to re-invent and define new view on:

  • Research: qualitative and quantitative
  • Analytics
  • Data mining and management
  • Managing cross-channel customer behaviour
  • Understanding internal financial information, structure and flexibility
  • Education
  • Partnerships
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Customer relationships
  • Technology development
  • Ecosystems and markets

You can’t eat an elephant with one bite, but over time you can eat it bit by bit. If there are more people helping you and each others it’ll get done faster. Join the movement and we can do this together!

We are looking for corporate partners and experts who would like to publish their opinion and articles here. Let us know if you would like to publish, speak in an event or partner with us. Please contact: toni.keskinen(at)


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