Why Futurecmo.org movement is important?

This is the home page for the Future CMO movement. We  recognized a need for new kind of collaboration and movement.  The business environment has grown more and more complicated to understand and manage. CMO’s and business managers have great difficulties staying up-to-date with the change and finding ways, methodologies, technology and partners to help them.

The most difficult challenges are inside each corporation: silo organisation, fractured information, data,- goals and resources. Managers within corporate management are specialists, very often great vertically experienced professionals who are great at what they do. The challenge is that in the rapidly changing business environment vertical is not enough but the emphasis is moving to horizontal understanding.  Simultaneously the availability of data has exploded and the cost of technology decreased. As a result business managers are drowning in data and blind to the opportunities surrounding them. Paradoxically, making sense of the world, business drivers and customers has become more difficult than ever.

IBM did a major study in 2010 and interviewed over 1500 CEO’s around the world. Mr. Samuel J. Palmisano, Chairman, President and CEO of IBM Corporation captured the findings in three major issues in his pre-words of the study report:

  1. The World’s private and public sector leaders believe that a rapid escalation of “complexity” is the biggest challenge confronting them. They expect it to continue – indeed, to accelerate – in the coming years
  2. They are equally clear that their enterprises today are not equipped to cope effectively with this complexity in the global environment
  3. Finally, they identify “creativity” as the single most important leadership competency for enterprises seeking a path through this complexity.

The reason why complexity is such a rapidly increasing challenge in Mr. Palmisano’s words is because: “the threats and opportunities aren’t just coming at us faster or with less predictability; they are converging and influencing each other to cerate entirely unique situations. The first-of-their-kind developments require unprecedented degrees of creativity – which has become a more important leadership quality than attributes like management discipline, rigor or operational acumen.”

When we considered this challenge, we came to conclusion that CMO’s role will change profoundly. The CMO should be capable of offering the horizontal view of the market and deep understanding of the customers, their behaviour and motives. CMO’s should show the way in this ongoing change management and management change corporate wide. Here’s why:

  • CMO is constantly analyzing and tracking the brand’s success and perception in the market compared to other brands and players offering their solution to the basic needs their products and services are paid for
  • CMO’s role is to know and understand how the market works from customer point of view
  • CMO should know how different strategies influence customer behavior, loyalty and consequently business
  • CMO has resources to allocate and he can react in both brand related issues and tactical sales
  • CMO’s job is to make the money work for the company and invest in any purpose resulting profits, growth and competitive advantage
  • CMO has a role is in between corporate strategy, operations, and customer understanding

CMO’s role is obviously too narrow if his silo is only responsible for advertising and promotions. Having the best view on the customer’s needs and perception, CMO should most certainly take responsibility for customer experience, product and service development/concepting. The Future CMO’s role is to be the catalyst for change and to provide the KPI’s to measure it.

CMO has a lot on his table and he can not do this alone. This movement is about supporting the management change and CMO’s. This is an open forum for sharing experiences, opinions, practices and cases.

Published by Toni Keskinen

http://fi.linkedin.com/in/tonikeskinen Catalyst for transformation and Executive-as-a-Service, Author, Speaker and catalyst for change. I do Behavioral Economics and Customer Journey insights driven growth design at strategic and operational levels together with client's employees and operate as a catalyst for corporate transformation.

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