Future CMO Specifications

The role of the CMO is changing fast.  The requirements for the position are more complex than ever.  Here is an operational sample spec. What is your opinion on CMO’s job description?


Summary, Job Description

The CMO is tasked with the overarching marketing strategy, including planning and development, as well as day-to-day marketing operations.

They are expected to have a thorough understanding of what is happening in the market, be able to anticipate changes, and be proactive in crafting new messages and programs to address those changes.

They help drive revenue and sales through integrated and performance-based marketing.

They understand the behaviors and lifestyle of their customer segments. They know which segments are most profitable, where they are, and how they can be influenced.

They coordinate media and messaging across online and traditional channels to distinct customer segments, with regard to the brand as a whole, and the brands/functions contained under the larger brand umbrella.

They develop and maintain a performance framework for marketing and sales, which directly ties marketing activities to company-wide financial performance metrics.

They plan, direct and coordinate marketing budgets in accordance with organizational goals.

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