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The marketing environment has changed drastically over the past few years. The change has occurred due to the influence and behaviour change social mediums have enabled and empowered. Here’s a great presentation about how to approach the new planning environment.

Well, what does this kind of world require from CMO and corporate management?  If you are willing to embrace these new possibilities you need to be equipped to do so. World is of full of failed cases, silent witnesses to spent resources that only delivered costs, no incomes. In a worst case scenario you could end up ruining the brand’s trustworthiness completely in case your brand doesn’t really shine bright in a daylight.  Continuous dialogue with customers require very strong values and transparency from the company. It goes directly in to the heart of the corporate identity and culture. This world represented in the previous presentation is about trust more than anything. Trust is an outcome earned from customer experiences and requires to be proved every single day.
Customers hold very much power in today’s world and the power is constantly growing. Transparency will lead change to better companies and steer companies to act ethically and morally right. The company is as good as its word and the CMO is in key role defining what it is the company is promising.
Creativity is a multiplier, for good and for bad. Social media are rocket fuel for creativity, for good and for bad. CMO has to make sure the operations and strategy are aligned with the tasks and promises the company makes commitments to.
New opportunities for creativity, profitability and scalability are emerging constantly. CMO should choose partners carefully in order to embrace and leverage them. However, CMO should also keep it real and recognize what it is the company is equipped and ready to undertake.

Published by Toni Keskinen Catalyst for transformation and Executive-as-a-Service, Author, Speaker and catalyst for change. I do Behavioral Economics and Customer Journey insights driven growth design at strategic and operational levels together with client's employees and operate as a catalyst for corporate transformation.

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