Revolution in marketing – driving management change

Mr. Stephen Cook, Founder of Fortune CMO made a great case about the changing role of CMO in his article “Its time to Raise the CMO bar”. Here are some of his key findings:

“My sources consistently mentioned that CMO roles have been adapting piecemeal over the past decade, but we are now at a tipping point where CMO roles need to be updated to deliver a more relevant 21st century value proposition. Think about it: The CMO role came into vogue in the early 1990s during a mass-market, mass-media, one-way push, predigital, pre-social-media, pre-smartphone world. While many classic marketing truths are still relevant, the dynamics, needs, and expectations of the CMO’s constituents (e.g., customers, CEO, internal and external partners, NGOs/third parties, etc.) have radically shifted. While I heard a range of situational-specific differences facing B2C and B2B CMOs across diverse verticals, when I stepped back I could see some universal truths.It all boils down to this: The CMO role as we’ve known it does not capture where the role needs to go to remain relevant. We all know the CMO role today is immensely more complex than it was just a few years ago. For each unique CMO role, I believe there is an increasing need to focus on the highest level strategic value-creation opportunities given the faster pace of business and marketing ROI objectives. I also heard that CMO roles need to expand beyond the traditional marketing silo to include a more comprehensive commercial leadership role with a focus on how to accelerate growth. I propose that a “Commercial Growth Accelerator” role with five high-level strategic focus areas (the R5) would better communicate and guide a more relevant leadership value proposition.”Mr Cook concluded that the CMO’s role is to become the Commercial Growth Accelerator within a company. In this time and era this really seems like a fantastic opportunity for CMO’s to show what they are made of. Mr. Cook’s full presentation with some great cases below. Enjoy!

Author: Toni Keskinen, Marketing Architect & Customer Journey Designer

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Published by Toni Keskinen Catalyst for transformation and Executive-as-a-Service, Author, Speaker and catalyst for change. I do Behavioral Economics and Customer Journey insights driven growth design at strategic and operational levels together with client's employees and operate as a catalyst for corporate transformation.

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