From Loss to Profit – Turning Around Domino’s in Pakistan

It’s the classic story of supply meets demand. On the one hand, Domino’s was losing its grip and brand recall among Pakistani consumers. And on the other, Pizza Hut’s GM of Operations, Ahsan Ahmed, wanted to be the Jack Welch of retail industry. In May 2012, he signed a 3 year deal and joined Domino’s as itsContinue reading “From Loss to Profit – Turning Around Domino’s in Pakistan”

The Evolution of Pakistani Real Estate Marketing

If housing bubble’s have taught us anything, its that real estate has a direct impact not only on home valuations, but also on a nation’s mortgage markets, home builders, real estate, home supply retail outlets and foreign banks. According to The State Bank’s Quarterly Housing Finance Review, Pakistan’s “housing units’ shortage can be estimated more than 9 millionContinue reading “The Evolution of Pakistani Real Estate Marketing”

In Conversation with the Director of Engro Eximp

The 2008 meltdown is a difficult point for investors who are stuck in the past, because it will serve to remind them of the trouble they lived through rather than focusing on what has happened since.While the population of scared investors has dwindled as the bull market has gone on, plenty of people have overcomeContinue reading “In Conversation with the Director of Engro Eximp”

CEO of Cosmopolitan: “Digital Is The Best Medium”

After food forums exploded with chatter on their diverse breakfast menu, I reached out to Mohsin Ihsan and Danish Ishtiaq, the co-founders of Cosmopolitan , to learn about their quick success. Of all the names, why Cosmopolitan? It was a well thought of name. We witnessed a generation exposed to cultures all over the world, beContinue reading “CEO of Cosmopolitan: “Digital Is The Best Medium””

In Conversation with the CEO of

At the third Startup Weekend event held in Lahore, Sahr Said‘s idea was crowned the winner. Within a week, she secured an incubation with the LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship and has embarked on a mission to make it incredibly easy for every woman to be beautiful. We reached out to her to learn about what the company willContinue reading “In Conversation with the CEO of”

Bridging the Agency-Client Relationship

For whatever reason, there is – and has always been – a massive divide between clients and agencies. Creatives and brand managers don’t just sit on the opposite sides of the table in boardrooms, they sit miles apart in terms of expectations, ideologies and understanding of each other’s roles. Brand managers are unable to harnessContinue reading “Bridging the Agency-Client Relationship”

How GLEE Hospitality Built & Grew Rice Creamery

With an outnumbered Emirati population and growing influx of expatriates, Dubai has had to adopt to fresh imports of tastes, traditions and styles. The latest addition at CityWalk last year came with Rice Creamery, an innovative dine in concept inspired by multiple cultures and preferences found worldwide. We sat with the MD of the foodContinue reading “How GLEE Hospitality Built & Grew Rice Creamery”

From Levi’s Jeans to Dairy Milk – Asian Family Business Diversifies & Thrives

In 2012, Pakistan was producing over 20 billion liters of tradable white milk per year, making it the 3rd largest producer in the world. In 2013, Nestle issued a press release claiming a production capacity of half a billion liters of milk. It is estimated that Pakistan fails to meet local demand by up to fiveContinue reading “From Levi’s Jeans to Dairy Milk – Asian Family Business Diversifies & Thrives”

How Microsoft Must Market the Mobile Suite

Our projected personalities, tone and narratives change depending on whether we are on Facebook, G+, LinkedIn and Twitter. In that context of understanding, Microsoft has to realize that there’s a place and time for everything. “Most, if not all of us, use our smartphones and tablets for different purposes than a PC or on aContinue reading “How Microsoft Must Market the Mobile Suite”