Re-structuring and re-inventing the Ecosystem

The corporate management is facing complexity they are not equipped to handle at faster and faster speed. The CEO is challenged with innovation as a new management imperative. There is a strong need for change inside corporate management and outside in the siloed ecosystems serving companies. In media and marketing the world has changed dramaticallyContinue reading “Re-structuring and re-inventing the Ecosystem”

Future CMO & Strategic Marketing

Customers are on a journey with your brand. In today’s business environment, the greatest purpose of organizational functions is to give the roadmap to that journey. Well then, what is a customer journey? It is the art and science of customer-centric methods, skills and tools to synchronize customer’s needs and company’s offering optimally by handlingContinue reading “Future CMO & Strategic Marketing”

Why movement is important?

This is the home page for the Future CMO movement. We  recognized a need for new kind of collaboration and movement.  The business environment has grown more and more complicated to understand and manage. CMO’s and business managers have great difficulties staying up-to-date with the change and finding ways, methodologies, technology and partners to helpContinue reading “Why movement is important?”